Sunday, September 15, 12-5, Silver Spring Civic Building and Veterans Plaza

Robots, Cultural Activities, VR, Hands-On Building and Making, and Free Fun for the Whole Family!

Check out KID City and all of the fabulous Cultural Arts activities!

RIBBON PAVILION - Dive into this playful and immersive sensory experience.
LIGHT-UP LANE - Grow a spinning, mirrored, black light garden that really dazzles!
FABRICATION STATION - Build a prototype city using 3D-printed parts.
TEXTILE TREES - Weave a magical forest of patterned trees.
WOODLEY WAY - Use real tools to construct a house made of wood.
SENSOR STREET - Stomp, wave, or touch to light up this high-tech street.
MAKER HIGHWAY - Experiment with designing cars, then use our track to watch them go!
PEPCO PLACE - Smart streetlight, smart traffic cones, electric vehicles and more.
CARDBOARD COURT - Engineer a kid-designed cardboard structure using geometric shapes.
ORIGAMI ALLEY- Experiment with an innovative engineering technique that uses a centuries- old art form. Brought to you by the Engineering Lab at Georgia Tech.

CHINA – Dress yourself in the elaborately embroidered fabrics of a Chinese wedding celebration and take your photo, decorate a traditional denglong or tiāndēng (sky  lantern) with your written wishes to send to the deity, write your name in calligraphy on a Chinese fan, make a traditional toy jian zi out of ‘chicken feathers’, and get close-up to a Chinese dragon and panda.


EL SALVADOR –Try your hand at weaving traditional El Salvadoran hammocks, get creative with the art of Fernando Llort creating a community mosaic based on his designs, make your own grain mosaic to take home, and explore the cultural artifacts and traditional dress of El Salvador.  


ETHIOPIA – Play Ethiopian children’s games of Gebeta (mancala) and segno-macsegno (hop scotch).  Paint in the style of traditional Ethiopian art based on Orthodox church designs.  Pull raw cotton into thread, experience a traditional coffee ceremony, weave on a loom, or write your name in Amharic. See beautiful jewelry, artifacts, and clothes from Ethiopia.


INDIA – From cricket to coding, experience the most popular sport of India and play a popular game based on computer coding. Have your hand painted in the traditional art of henna, dress in a dupatta (scarf) or turban, and try on a bindi. The India tent features beautiful textiles and hands-on seed crafts & activities. 


SOUTH KOREA – Create a bangpae yeon kite, fold jeong-I jjeobgi origami art, play jegi chagi (Korean hackysack) or toho throw (arrow toss), immerse yourself in Korean culture and try your hand at Korean flower arranging. 


Veterans Plaza
One Veterans Place


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Sunday, Sep 15, 2019