1110 Bonifant Building


The efficient design of this building takes advantage of all building code allowances as to the floor areas, building height, fire safety requirements, handicapped requirements and parking without sacrificing aesthetics.  The selection of materials and functional design provide lasting elegance with minimal maintenance.
Address: 1110 Bonifant Bldg.

1110 Bonifant Street
Silver Spring MD 20910

Gross Building Size:

50,000 sq'

15,000 sq' covered parking

Rentable Area:

40,503 on floors 2-5

Construction: Reinforced concrete and masonry exterior
Typical Finished Ceiling
Typical Slab-to Slab Height: 10'-0"
Typical Column Spacing: 20' x 20' with some variations
Elevators: 2-hydraulic elevators;
3,500 lbs. capacity each
200 feet per minute
Cab Size (inside) - 6'8" wide x 5'5" deep. Maintained by KONE In'tl
Parking: On-site covered parking at 1 per 810sq'-  additional parking available directly adjacent to the 1110 Boniafant Building is a Montgomery County Public Parking Facility  with 1840 spaces.
Sprinklers: Fully Sprinklered - Systems Inspected and Maintained by FireLine
HVAC: Central Building system is provided by cooling tower and boiler, zoned per floor.  HVAC in perimeter offices provided by closed water source heat pumps (individually controlled).
Internet: High-speed broadband internet connections available (ADSL / SDSL / T-1)


1110 Bonifant St
Silver Spring, MD 20910




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