Cunieform Music


Founded in 1984, Cuneiform Records is widely recognized as an international force in the world of avant-garde and truly progressive, cutting-edge music. This independent record label has charted an adventurous course, avoiding music’s oft-travelled mainstream and resisting confinement within any single musical genre. Instead, Cuneiform has focused on the nascent edges of a variety of genres. It is especially renown for championing music that transcends traditional, rigidly-defined 20th Century musical styles, championing pioneering composers and genre-defying music that organically fused elements from various styles to form vibrant new hybrids. Repeatedly, Cuneiform has released music that’s either influenced or served as precursors to modern music’s most intriguing new forms. For instance, much of the radical, genre-defiant music that Cuneiform released in the 1980s and 1990s to the confoundment of rock, jazz and classical music critics alike – music such as Curlew’s foot-tapping, genre-morphing jazz/pop/blues/rock, and Present and Univers Zero’s startling Chamber Rock – would in later years be recognized as precursors (forming the metamorphic bedrock) for post-jazz and post-classical genre-defying hybrids that now define 21st century music.


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