East/ West Beacon


East/West Beacon is an illuminated, 35ʼ high, freestanding sculpture, made from stainless steel and holographic glass, designed and created by Ray King to greet travelers on the East/West Highway in Silver Spring, MD. The vesica-shaped tensile sculpture is constructed of stainless steel and chromatic holographic glass, laminated with film that refracts brilliant color when struck by sunlight and exhibits a shimmering silvery iridescence, similar to luminous fish scales. The refractive nature of the glass as well as the stainless steel structure and cables, capture and reflect light and chromatics in an unpredictable and ever changing way.

“This is meant to be a 21st century Beacon to salute visitors, commuters and residents,” the artist explains. “As people return home it will serve as a warm and colorful welcoming flame,” Kingʼs inspiration for the piece. The sculpture was commissioned by Home Properties Inc. The luminous tower rises out of a spiral designed pocket park, and is a strong and powerful visual landmark, as well as an iconographic symbol for the neighborhood. 


1200 East-West Hwy
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Nearby Restaurants & Dining

1200 East-West Hwy
1200 East-West Hwy
(54 feet SE)
1200 East-West Hwy
(54 feet SE)
1115 East-West Hwy
(321 feet SE)
1215 East-West Hwy
(389 feet NW)
1316 East-West Hwy
(592 feet NW)

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8045 Kennett St
(416 feet SE)
1110 East-West Hwy
(674 feet SE)
8001 Newell St
(684 feet SW)

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8212 Colonial Ln
(923 feet NE)
938 Philadelphia Ave
(984 feet E)

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(288 feet NW)
(355 feet S)

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8404 Colesville Rd
(0.2 miles N)