Silver Plaza


"Silver Creek" by Deirdre Saunder, 2004

Italian glass tile fountain/mosaic 26' diameter


At Silver Plaza, you can sit outside and enjoy evening concerts, eat a meal from a nearby restaurant, or gaze into the hypnotic whoosh of the fountain jets. 

Not only does the Plaza feature a neon sculpture on the elevator tower by artist Craig Kraft, it also has an award winning mosaic fountain, with water disappearing below the surface of the ground when not in use. Its colorful mosaic design features fish in soothing blues and greens and is repeated on the nearby stairs. Summertime finds children of all ages dashing through and playing in the dancing waters fountain. The fountain and stair mosaic were created by artist Deirdre Saunder. 


Ellsworth Dr
923 Ellsworth Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20910


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