SOLAIRE Apartment Community

If the answer truly lies within, then the question of where to live goes to the essence of who you are. Someone with an expansive outlook, constantly seeking new horizons, heightened experiences, satisfying connections. One who appreciates generous spaces as well as sensible efficiency, and enjoys all the amenities of an urban resort along with all the advantages of living green. Someone who thrives in the dynamic balance of excitement and reflection, nightlife and daydream, access and oasis. Where all the comforts of home come with all the convenience of living centered. In the heart of town. The soul of Silver Spring.


1150 Ripley St
Silver Spring, MD 20910


(866) 939-2938




Nearby Restaurants & Dining

8216 Georgia Ave
(413 feet E)
1305 East-West Hwy
(422 feet SW)
8200 Georgia Ave
(500 feet SE)

Nearby Arts & Entertainment

1155 Ripley St
(146 feet N)
1301 East-West Hwy
(474 feet SW)
8700 Georgia Ave
(502 feet E)

Nearby Shopping and Services

1150 Ripley St
(57 feet NW)
1031 Ripley St
(117 feet NE)
1110 Ripley St
(165 feet NE)

Nearby Parking

8212 Colonial Ln
(177 feet E)
938 Philadelphia Ave
(0.3 miles SE)

Nearby VanGo Stops

(631 feet SW)

Nearby Public Transportation

8404 Colesville Rd
(503 feet NW)