The Nora School


The Nora School  

Nora is a small, progressive, independent, college preparatory day school
for students in grades 9 through 12 
who are bright but have found themselves frustrated
in larger or more rigid institutions.

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955 Sligo Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20910




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959 Sligo Ave
(84 feet W)
923 Sligo Ave
(215 feet E)
952 Sligo Ave
(216 feet W)
8081 Georgia Ave
(299 feet W)
918 Sligo Ave
(311 feet SE)
8077 Georgia Ave
(317 feet SW)

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955 Sligo Ave
(63 feet NW)
914 Silver Spring Ave
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914 Silver Spring Ave
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938 Philadelphia Ave
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8212 Colonial Ln
(0.2 miles NW)

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