Washington's Ethiopia Glass


Ethiopian design by Washington Glass Studio, glass panels in facade; The Applicant is also providing a series of illuminated colored glass panels, designed and constructed by the Washington Glass Studio, along the building facade and culminating in a decorative column on the southwest corner of the building, to highlight the future pedestrian entrance to the Studio Plaza retail promenade and public green.


900 Thayer Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Nearby Restaurants & Dining

8233 Fenton St
(191 feet SE)
8311 Fenton St
(341 feet NE)
8200 Fenton St
(361 feet S)
930 Bonifant St
(370 feet NW)
900 Silver Spring Ave
(384 feet SE)
904 Bonifant St
(419 feet N)

Nearby Shopping and Services

8240 Fenton St
(36 feet SW)
912 Thayer Ave
(89 feet N)
910 Thayer Ave
(130 feet W)

Nearby Parking

8212 Colonial Ln
(1029 feet W)
938 Philadelphia Ave
(0.3 miles SW)

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(153 feet NE)

Nearby Public Transportation

8100 Fenton St
(891 feet S)