Weaving Community and Culture


Weaving Community and Culture

Francie Hester, artist


Silver Spring Civic Building (on loan)

Weaving Community and Culture reflects upon the community of Silver Spring. The Civic Building is a testament to our ongoing commitment to the community and to the desire to create opportunities for the arts to flourish. The local community has a rich history and our strength, ultimately, is in our rich cultural diversity. For these reasons, the artist chose to work with a woven structure of aluminum, to signify the weaving together of our diverse cultures.

The color palette is based loosely on the colors of flags from around the world — a tangible means of capturing the diversity that one sees in Silver Spring.  The surfaces of the aluminum panels vary—some portions are painted, while other areas are polished and drilled. The resulting mosaic of color, energy and spirit is meant to capture the best of this community.


1 Veterans Place
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Weaving Community and Culture

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