Woodside Urban Park


Woodside Urban Park
Corner of Georgia Avenue
Spring Street at the northern edge of the Silver Spring Central Business District.

A focal point of this 2.3-acre park is a water fountain that provides a soothing counterpoint to busy Georgia Avenue. The park has several recreational opportunities, including playground, tennis courts, and handball courts, as well as a nearby gymnasium. This park was acquired by M-NCPPC in 1973.


8800 Georgia Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20910


Woodside Urban Park

Nearby Restaurants & Dining

1300 Spring St
(300 feet SE)
8701 Georgia Ave
(0.2 miles SE)
8710 Cameron St
(0.2 miles E)
8714A Georgia Ave
(0.2 miles E)
8601 Cameron St
(0.3 miles SE)
8701 Ramsey Ave
(0.3 miles SE)

Nearby Shopping and Services

1300 Spring St
(255 feet E)
1300 Spring St
(295 feet SE)
1300 Spring St
(309 feet SE)

Nearby Arts & Entertainment

at Cunieform Music
(315 feet SE)
One Veterans Place
(328 feet SW)

Nearby Parking

801 Ellsworth Dr
(0.4 miles E)
8212 Colonial Ln
(0.6 miles SE)

Nearby VanGo Stops

(825 feet SW)
(0.2 miles SE)

Nearby Public Transportation

Wayne Ave & Colesville Rd
(0.4 miles SE)