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We take the time to understand the root causes of your symptoms before recommending solutions.

At YChi Center, you are welcomed to explore an innovative approach to total body health and wellness.  We balance ancient wisdom with modern practical health solutions. 

about-Ychi_01Our patient care approach emphasizes (1) whole body assessment  (2) natural healing with a preference for utilizing the body’s natural healing processes and (3) prevention through education, counseling and coaching.


Our chief health professional, Dr. Luchi (Oluchi Ukaegbu, N.D.), is a primary health practitioner with specialized training in natural (naturopathic) medicine, shiatsu (body work), Qi Gong (meditation with movement) and Life Coaching. Click here for Dr. Luchi’s bio.  YChi Center prides itself on providing you with the essential fundamentals of the naturopathic principles :

  • First Do No Harm – primum non nocere
  • The Healing Power of Nature – vis medicatrix naturae
  • Discover and Treat the Cause, Not the Effect – tolle causam
  • Treat the Whole Person – tolle totum
  • The Physician is a Teacher – docere
  • Prevention is the best “cure” – praevenire

At Ychi, the emphasis is not on maximizing the volume of patients but rather on giving our patients the time they need to have their medical issues addressed in a stress free environment. Because our focus is patient centered, we accept only the number of patients we can serve without unnecessary haste.

Even better, we can come to you! Yes, in some cases, one of our professionals will visit your home or office for a consultation, treatment, follow up monitoring and such other services as can be safely and effectively performed outside our office.


7981 Eastern Ave
Suite C4
Silver Spring, MD 20910




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