Release Date: January 21,2015

Don’t have health insurance?/No tiene seguro médico?

Have questions about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) or trouble enrolling? The February 15 deadline of Open Enrollment is fast approaching! Attend one of these events sponsored by CHEER and have all your questions answered:
TESS Center, 8513 Piney Branch Rd,

  • January 21st    6-8pm
  • January 27th    3-8pm
  • February 3rd   3-8pm
  • February 4th  6-8pm
  • February 10th   3-8pm

No tiene seguro médico? Tiene preguntas sobre Obamacare o dificultades inscribiendo?? El ultimo dia de Temporada de Inscripciones , 15 de Febrero, ya se acrerca! Asista a uno de estos eventos patronizados por CHEER para averiguar mas informacion y ayuda:
TESS Center, 8513 Piney Branch Rd,

  • 21 de enero    6-8pm
  • 27 de enero    3-8pm
  • 3 de febrero   3-8pm
  • 4 de febrero  6-8pm
  • 10 de febrero   3-8pm

Bilingual Info HERE/AQUI