Release Date: March 9,2015

Kefa kicks off GoFundMe Campaign

 ...local residents, partnering with small business owners Lene and Abeba Tsegaye, launched a public fundraising campaign to support the expansion of local coffee shop – and beloved local “third place,” Kefa Café, in response to its selection as the coffee purveyor in the new Silver Spring library. The group set a goal of raising $50,000 in donations in just 30 days to defray the local business owners’ costs associated with opening the satellite café in the library, slated to open in early summer. ... In response to the local effort, Kefa Café owner Lene Tsegaye said “We were honored by the faith Montgomery County has placed in us to launch the very first community coffee café in a library.  But the response from the community has been even more overwhelming.”   Achieving the fundraising goal will be a true community effort and Kefa Café owners and local residents are planning a range of activities to support the campaign.  Community members can stop by Kefa at 963 Bonifant Street in downtown Silver Spring to volunteer or donate.  There is also a crowdfunding website where people can make a secure online donation at