Release Date: June 23,2015

Online Registration & Facility Reservation is About to Get Easier with

Register for classes, programs and facilities offered by Montgomery County Recreation, Montgomery Parks, and Community Use of Public Facilities using ONE website, one username and one account.

Welcome to ActiveMONTGOMERY!
We are pleased to announce a new registration system called ActiveMONTGOMERY – a system for where you can register for classes, programs and facilities offered by Montgomery Parks, the Montgomery County Recreation Department and Community Use of Public Facilities!

What is ActiveMONTGOMERY?
ActiveMONGTOMERY is a new registration system that will allow you to

  • Register for classes and lessons offered by Montgomery County Recreation and Montgomery Parks. Cooking, yoga, tennis, ice… it’s all here!
  • Reserve athletic fields and facilities offered by Montgomery Parks, Montgomery County Recreation, and Community Use of Public Facilities.
  • Sign up for programs offered by Montgomery Parks and Montgomery County Recreation.
  • Make purchases, redeem offers, renew memberships, and more!

Why switch to ActiveMONTGOMERY?
ActiveMONTGOMERY allows you to register for classes and programs and reserve facilities using one website, one username, and one account! You might also like these ActiveMONTGOMERY features…

  • An easy to use website
  • Easier ways to search
  • Registration via computer and mobile devices
  • Google maps for locations and activity listings
  • Making payments for athletic fields using credit cards or checks
  • Electronic Permits for facility use

When can I start using ActiveMONTGOMERY?
You’ll begin using to register for programs and to view and pay for facility permits in August 2015 for Fall 2015 registration. Stay tuned for more details!

What do I need to do?
You will need to setup a new customer account. In order to expedite this process, we have started reaching out to select customers to start creating their accounts. You will not be required to setup a new account until you have received specific instructions. Keep an eye out between June and July 2015 when we will send you an email with instructions on how to create a new account along with information on how to use the site. Starting August 14, simply visit to register for classes and programs or reserve facilities.

How do I get updates?
Reminders about account setup and registration will be sent out to customers; you can also subscribe to Montgomery County’s Paperless Airplane newsletter at


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do I need to do anything now?

  • A: Some customers are currently receiving specific instructions to begin creating their accounts. If you have received those instructions, please proceed as requested. If you have not received instructions yet, please don't worry. We will be reaching out to additional customers in July and August with instructins on how to create an ActiveMONTGOMERY account. Please check your email and this site frequently for updates.


2. What will change for me?

  • A: Whether it’s for Community Use of Public Facilities, Montgomery County Recreation and/or Montgomery Parks, you will now be able to use one website and one username to look up information about programs, facilities, rentals and more. From this site you can also register for classes and programs. The new website is


3. What if I have a current rental reservation or have made a payment for something that will be used / will take place when the new system is live?

  • A: Reservations and services paid for will carry over. Using the contact information in our existing systems, we will reach out to you directly if additional information is required.
    If you need to change/cancel a paid reservation for an event occurring after August, contact the organization and/or facility with whom you made your reservation.


4. When does registration begin and how can I register?

  • A: In June and July, customers will begin to create their new accounts. Detailed instructions will be emailed to some customers beginning in June. Most customers will receive instructions and invitations to register beginning in July.


5. Where can I get more information?

  • A: Continue to check back to for more information. You can also check in with our staff at Montgomery Parks, Montgomery County Recreation or Community Use of Public Facilities.