Release Date: October 27,2014

The League of Women Voters of Maryland is pleased to announce that the online version of the Voters' Guide is live

Please help spread the word. To see the questions that the League asked of the candidates (from Governor down through Board of Education) and their responses, simply go to Type in your address and click "Enter." You will see the location of your polling place and a bar that says "Get personalized information on candidates and issues." That will allow you to scroll through the responses from the candidates who will appear on the ballot in your precinct. Candidates were allowed to include links to their websites, so after reading the responses to the League's questions, you can visit their websites for additional information. As you scroll through the list of candidates, you may mark those you prefer - and at the end of the process you can print out a list of your selections that you can take to your polling place when you go to vote. This service is being provided for every county in Maryland, so we encourage you to forward this to all your friends in Maryland.