Argent Apartments


A brand-new stylish apartment home, near everything you need. You’ll be surrounded by hundreds of shops, restaurants, services, and opportunities for entertainment and recreation. In the middle of everything, and with incredibly easy access to metro, a car-free lifestyle is completely possible— walk to metro, to work, and to play from argent.


1200 Blair Mill Rd
Silver Spring, MD 20910




Nearby Restaurants & Dining

1200 East-West Hwy
(124 feet NE)
1200 East-West Hwy
(131 feet NE)
1200 East-West Hwy
(131 feet NE)

Nearby Arts & Entertainment

1200 Blair Mill Rd
(45 feet NE)
1190 East-West Hwy
(117 feet SE)
1200 East-West Hwy
(124 feet NE)

Nearby Shopping and Services

8045 Kennett St
(312 feet SE)
8001 Newell St
(562 feet SW)
1110 East-West Hwy
(599 feet SE)

Nearby Parking

938 Philadelphia Ave
(994 feet E)
8212 Colonial Ln
(1047 feet NE)

Nearby VanGo Stops

(235 feet S)
(395 feet N)

Nearby Public Transportation

8404 Colesville Rd
(0.2 miles N)