Docs in Progress


Docs in Progress was founded in 2004 by Washington-DC area documentary filmmakers Adele Schmidt and Erica Ginsberg. Its mission is to give independent documentary filmmakers the opportunity to get feedback on their works in progress from other filmmakers and those who love documentaries; to enlighten the public on documentary, and to build and support the documentary community in Washington DC.

Docs In Progress creates and fosters a supportive community for documentary filmmakers. By developing, encouraging, and celebrating new and diverse voices in documentary film, they seek to deepen the public’s experience, understanding, and appreciation for documentary as a form of art and expression.  They do this by offering an array of programs aimed at aspiring and experienced documentary filmmakers and the broader community. 




801 Wayne Ave
Suite G-100
Silver Spring, MD 20910


(301) 789 2797



Docs in Progress

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