Pétalos Reflejantes (Reflective Petals)


About the Art

A public art piece was envisioned as a part of the redevelopment of Wayne Avenue Plaza five years ago and this sculpture “Pétalos Reflejantes” (Reflective Petals) was commissioned as a joint venture between Montgomery County and Rob Sugar, of Aurus Design.  The Public Arts Trust facilitated the selection of the local artist through a competition.  A panel of art experts and local community representatives made the selection of this work from a model created by the artist.

Wilfredo Valladares’ steel sculpture of lotus leaves and petals is viewed best close-up in this intimate space. The reflective qualities of the material, in combination with the geometric and organic forms, act as a visual metaphor "reflecting" the changes in Silver Spring for past, present and future generations.  Although the modern aspect of the steel echoes the urban ambience, the floral subject gives the impression of an oasis in the downtown.  Wayne Avenue Plaza offers a charming little break in the hustle and bustle of urban life as a welcome respite to pedestrian commuters.

About the Artist

Born in Trujillo Colon, Honduras, Wilfredo began his career as an artist and educator. It was because of his creative abilities and challenging perceptions as a teacher during time of conflict in his country that it was necessary to seek political asylum. Wilfredo arrived in the early nineties to the United States, where he continued his journey as an artist by attending MontgomeryCollege then Maryland Institute College of Art and graduating with a BFA in sculpture. He continued his studies at the University of Maryland where he received an MFA in sculpture. It was evident that his chosen path would lead him to make contributions in the academic and artistic arenas. Since his arrival, he has been part of numerous artistic and educational events, such as group shows, solo exhibits, workshops and environment installations. In 1997, he had his first international sculpture show in Milan, Italy where he had the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse community of artists and curators. Wilfredo’s work is designed to cross boundaries and to move beyond the traditional paradigm of cross-cultural art.  He currently teaches at Ann Arundel Community College.  He has also taught art at Montgomery College and at the School of Art and Design at Montgomery College in Silver Spring. 



8435 Georgia Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20910


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