Signs of Spring


Artist Bridget Parlato created the design for the fence panel and for the gateway sign, entitled Signs of Spring, which commemorates the Woodside neighborhood and entrance to the Capital Crescent Trail.

They are featured as part of a public plaza at Spring Street and Second Avenue which serves as a focal entrance point to the Central Business District from the Woodside neighborhood and the Capital Crescent Trail. The plaza is in a strategic location that connects the Capital Crescent Trail, which follows the metrorail tracks, with the Silver Spring Green Trail, a bike path that runs throughout downtown Silver Spring. 


8616 2nd Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Nearby Restaurants & Dining

1300 Spring St
(716 feet NE)
8401 Colesville Rd
(778 feet SE)
8601 Cameron St
(793 feet E)
8405 Colesville Rd
(808 feet SE)
8401 Colesville Road
(847 feet SE)
1201 Fidler Ln
(891 feet SE)

Nearby Shopping and Services

1327 Fenwick Ln
(118 feet E)
8600 2nd Ave
(151 feet SW)
8604 2nd Ave
(155 feet W)

Nearby Parking

8212 Colonial Ln
(0.4 miles SE)
801 Ellsworth Dr
(0.4 miles E)

Nearby VanGo Stops

(301 feet SE)
(438 feet NW)

Nearby Public Transportation

8400-01 Colesville Rd
(0.2 miles SE)