Silver Pass II


This mosaic mural is the first part of Phase II of the Silver Pass installation on the CSX Rail Road Overpass over Georgia Avenue.  Designed by Byron Peck, a muralist with work throughout the Washington metro area in conjunction with a group of young people through the Arts on the Block program.


CSX Rail Rd Overpass
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Silver Pass II

Nearby Restaurants & Dining

8030B Georgia Ave
(196 feet SW)
8012 Georgia Ave
(240 feet SW)
8077 Georgia Ave
(379 feet NE)
8123 Georgia Ave
(481 feet N)
8081 Georgia Ave
(486 feet N)
8120 Georgia Ave
(501 feet N)

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8040 Georgia Ave
(209 feet SW)
8029 Georgia Ave
(216 feet SE)
943 Selim Rd
(223 feet E)

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938 Philadelphia Ave
(264 feet NE)
8212 Colonial Ln
(0.3 miles NW)

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(641 feet SW)

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8100 Fenton St
(864 feet NE)