Alba Rosa


The name of the work Alba Rosa literally means “red morning” in Italian. Wedged between two tall buildings, the only time the sun strikes Alba Rosa and its fountain is in the morning.  The symbolism of the artwork deals with the primordial objects of life: the sun, the column, and the arch are all created from the oldest sculpture materials, bronze and granite. The striations across the disc were cut on-site and represent clouds crossing the sun. On a practical note, they enhance the flow of water down the surface of the disc. 

McDonnell, Joseph Anthony, 1936- , sculptor.
Commissioned by Montgomery County June 1987. Aug. 1988.
Sculpture and base: polished pink granite; Basin: concrete.
Sculpture: approx. Diam. 10 ft. x D. 12 in.; Base: approx. H. 52 in. x W. 52 in.; Basin: approx. W. 145 in. x L. 268 in.


1325 Fenwick Ln
Silver Spring, MD 20910

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