ArtStream is a regional organization based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area whose mission is to create artistic opportunities for individuals in communities traditionally underserved by the arts.

We are a consortium of compassionate, professional, experienced artists who wish to serve the needs of our clients. Our goal is to reach out to members in various groups such as persons with disabilities, seniors, people with short or long term illnesses and their families or caregivers, immigrants, veterans, people who are grieving, and students and teachers.

Our purpose is to inspire and help heal through various art forms such as theatre, puppetry, visual arts, multimedia, music, and dance. This is accomplished through interactive workshops and productions, on-going classes, seminars, performances, and training.

About ArtStream

ArtStream is a consortium of professional artists who are passionate about the idea of taking arts programs into communities generally underserved by the arts.

We believe that the transformative power of the arts should be available to everyone, especially those who are challenged by disabilities or life circumstances. Our programs not only benefit the individuals involved, but also the community at large. More importantly, we have seen the power of the arts at work and are excited to spread the "magic."

It is the fervent mission of ArtStream to fill the gap in arts programming between what is currently being provided in these communities and what is needed


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