Third Space Wellness


We are creating a new “third space” in Downtown Silver Spring – between home and work, our space will be a neighborhood hub to get well, stay well, and do this all with other people. It’s a new kind of place – not just a clinic and not just a studio; it is the space between, where we can learn ways to cope with stress, prevent illness, and live with more ease.

Wellness, after all, is knowing yourself well.


We heal our world one person at a time by empowering you to own your wellness – to know that your constellation of symptoms can lead you through a rich and dynamic exploration to your own wellbeing and to connect you with others doing the same.


We are a conduit of wellness and of fostering community by delivering acupuncture, massage, yoga, running club, nutrition classes, wellness education and more.


8001 Kennett St
Suite B
Silver Spring, MD 20910




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