Tito’s Pollo


Tito’s Pollo is a hybrid Peruvian restaurant based in Silver Spring MD located at 7821 Eastern Ave  on the border of DC and MD.


When a guest first walks into Tito Pollo they are greeted and treated with the wonderful hospitality that Latinos are known for. You are invited in and served in a warm environment that feels like home. Tito’s Pollo is comfortable for what it is not. It is not a snotty, “pinky-out” environment and it is not a kooky, loud, goofy assortment on the walls place either. Aside from the comfortable atmosphere, the best way to describe the food is international comfort food.



The signature dish “Pollo a la Brasa” or Peruvian style rotisserie chicken is something that is familiar to most people. Tito’s Pollo adds a secret blend of over 25 fresh and natural Peruvian style spices adding a flair that to their chicken which makes it unique on this side of the hemisphere. We take great pride in our ingredients, always selecting the best produce we can find. Tito’s Pollo never adds chemical flavoring like MSG. The international comfort food appeal shines in all the side dishes which include South American staples such as fried yucca/cassava, maduros and tostones which are sweet and savory takes on plantains, and a uniquely Peruvian favorite known as salchipapa, a combination of french fries and sliced frankfurters.


7821 Eastern Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20910






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