Release Date: June 1,2015


We are asking all area residents to help us with the growing graffiti problem with which we are faced. While this is not a problem exclusive to Silver Spring – it has become rampant in many areas throughout the country – we want to do something about it. It is critically important all graffiti is reported – wherever it is. If you see a graffiti that you feel has been reported, but you are not sure: Report it again!... If you see a graffiti that you feel has been around a long time feel it is long overdue that it be taken care of: Report it again!...

It is easy:
·         If it is in outside of downtown, call 311.
·         If it is downtown, call our Urban District Hotline number, 240-876-2911.

That’s it! It is that simple.
FYI: There is a program called GRAB (Graffiti Abatement Partners, Inc.) Their website is The contact person is Kathy Paunil – she can be reached at 301-607-GRAB (4722). (When you report it to 311, it atomically goes to GRAB.)
Whether the graffiti is on a utility box, a directional sign, or even a commercial property: Call it in!
Reemberto Rodriguez, Director (Silver Spring Regional Area)